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Jitter Critters

ROLE - Lead Artist


Jitter Critters is a fun, retro inspired game project submitted for the Game off Game Jam 2021. Set in a mysterious swamp, as the player you explore this small but exciting location, catching a variety of its unique 'critters'! Note them down in your journal and maybe you'll discover something unexpected?

I worked on the art for the project as the sole artist and with this game I wanted to challenge myself to create a fleshed out world consisting of a variety of creatures with an exciting environment leaning into vibrant and bizarre visuals. I was determined to rig and animate the world's flying critters and create a distinct logo to welcome people to the game's world. This jam took almost a month to complete being the longest jam I've worked on outside student projects.

'Boss Bugs' can be found in the environment that require puzzles to catch. For example, this racer snail critter needs to be ridden by the player and steered into a tree to be stunned. Other puzzles include hide and seek with a Boss moth.

Jitter Critters 4.PNG

First person gameplay
(preparing to catch a critter)

year - 2021

GENRE - Puzzle / Exploration

PLatform - PC Game

Jitter Critters 5.PNG
Jitter Critters 8.PNG

Supporting ART

Alongside my responsibilities as Art Lead and 3D modelling, I created a large selection of emotes and foliage for the project, as well as the game's logo and skybox.

3d Modelling Process

My process for 3D modelling combined using base models, decorated with details using textured transparent planes for objects such as wings, leaves, lily pads, shells, bushes and antenna.

Jitter Critters gameplay overview

Heather's journey from the towering flats, down into the dark alley depths, escaping to the safety of an overgrown garden.