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2020 - 2021
Abertay University,

mprof in game development
- Awarded certificate of Merit.
- Participated in 6 game jams.
- Worked as Art Lead on 3 Projects.
- Working with clients such as, The Chinese Room. on the game project Through Their Eyes.

2016 - 2020
Abertay University,

bahons in computer arts
- awarded certificate of Distinction and a First for my work.
- I received
full marks for my dissertation and honours project 'Welcome to Serenity Bay'.
- Myself and fellow peers created the game studio Konglomerate Games, collaborating with clients such as Microsoft, University College London and Great Ormond Street Hospital on Project Fizzyo. 

project experience

2021 - present 
astrodreamer studio LTD

- Game / level artist and lead Artist

A Bonnie Odyssey 

- A retro - puzzle mystery, a tale of Father and Daughter separated by time.
- In this
Open World Sci - Fi Adventure, you play as Zoe, returning to explore the abandoned science facilities of the utopian project she grew up inside.
- Many years later, after a
terrible accident caused the island to be suddenly evacuated, only the robot assistants remain.
- on your adventure you will meet a charismatic cast of characters, leading you on a trail of memoires, uncovering the bizarre
secrets of the Island and Zoe's broken past. 

jul - aug 2022
kyoobit pop - up attraction designer

- Sole 3d environment artist


- Creating a layered Exhibition Space of various connected rooms that can be navigated and interacted with to project desired visuals onto any wall. 


game art

3d skills

- 3D modelling
(Environments and Props)
- Modular Assets 
- Foliage 
- Decals

- UV Mapping
- Texturing

- Level Art
- LODs 
- Game engine work
- Retopology
- Rigging
- 3D Animation 

2d skills
- Illustration
- Concept Art
(Environments and Props)
- 2D Animation

- Extensive traditional Art experience
(Fine pen, graphite and watercolours)

game design
- Narrative
- Concepting
- World Building 
- Grey-boxing
- Levels
- Puzzles
- Dialogue Writing


5+ years

- Procreate
- Photoshop
- Maya
- Unreal engine 4
- Unity
- Adobe Premiere Elements

2+ years
- Blender
- Substance Painter
- Zbrush

- Experienced in leadership
- Team Management
- Documentation
- Presenting to professional clients
- Interpersonal Communication 


Game Jams

ghost cat games

- lead artist and environment/level artist


through their eyes

- Through Their Eyes follows Heather the Cat as she journeys through the eerie and surreal back allies of a city.
- Whilst exploring she quickly discovers that dangers lurk around every corner but solutions can be found in the most unlikely of objects.
- Using her
Cat senses, she discovers a winding scent trail. Her curiosity will lead her to uncover secrets about her past and help to make sense of the wider world around her.
(3D story/Adventure platformer PC Game)

project AMZ

- lead artist and game/level designer



- Octoport is a Horror/Adventure game set in the surreal location of a seemingly infinite warehouse for the fictional delivery conglomerate: Octoport.
- You play as an investigative journalist who has broken into the factory to uncover evidence of worker mistreatment to create expose articles revealing the company’s sinister inner workings.
- With a
camera, you need to photograph and collect pieces of the environment that fit the descriptions in your inventory and evade brainwashed floor managers who relentlessly stalk your whereabouts.
- What will you find during your time at
(3D Horror/Adventure PC Game) 

Team Barra

- lead artist and game/level designer


Your planet is plagued with dire, hazardous weather conditions, escape beneath its surface in search of a solution within a network of caverns.
- Team up with a unique cast of characters on your journey: Scrum, Wex and Rabbit! ​
- Build mine-shafts with collected resources, connecting  lost caverns to progress and uncovering mysteries spoken of on the surface.
(Mobile God Game Demo) 

2018 - 2020
Konglomerate games

- lead environment artist

Archipelayo is an award-winning game for Project Fizzyo.
- Designed around the
physiotherapy care for children with cystic fibrosis to perform their essential Airway Clearance Techniques, turning their repetitive and monotonous routines into a fun playable experience.
- We created a series of fun minigames controlled through strength and duration of breath, set on a mysterious isle with a varied cast of playable characters.
- the game has been
played by over 100 patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.
(Tablet serious game for cystic fibrosis patients)

- Game off Jam 2021
jitter critters

- climate action jam 2021
carbon cancelled (2nd Place)

- zeno jam 2021
an autumn in everry town

- ukie mobo jam 2021
River's journey

- GJL Game Parade Spring 2021

- Global game jam 2021
bumble's fun zone

- global game jam 2020
big trouble in little bayou 

- abertay civil war jam 2019
fade out (1st place)

- Global Game Jam 2019

work experience

Game/Level Artist and lead artist
astrodreamer studio
LTD, dundee, scotland

Nov 2021 - present

- Executing the creation of world location concepts through to the modelling/texturing of buildings, props and modular assets.

- responsible for level design and art, working collaboratively in unreal engine to construct the game world.

- Lead artist on the studio's second project.

lead environment artist 
konglomerate games
dundee, scotland

sep 2018 - mar 2020

- asset creation, background art and animation for the game's hub world and selected minigames.

- i was responsible for creating the company's logo design, UI and Branding at the time.

- working in unity.

Receptionist and pool lifeguard
mansion house hotel and country club
elgin, scotland

jun 2015 - mar 2018

- Responsible for the day to day running of spa facilities, pool maintenance, money handling, membership accounting and gym induction training





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