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welcome to serenity bay

ROLE - Personal Art Project


An Art Book titled ‘Welcome to Serenity Bay’, detailing primary environment concepts and location development for an exaggerated narrative world reflecting the Moray Firth coastline, where I grew up and frequently explored. Set in the early 2000s.

Without viewers necessarily experiencing the coastline from my childhood, my intention is to clearly convey a feeling of excitement experienced from the perspective of a fascinated child exploring its varied landscape. My focus to visualise nostalgia is conveyed by providing a distinct feeling of inferiority for the world’s inhabitants and viewer, both through the child’s perspective, scale of the world and in the display of my environments and map through large A1/A2 size posters that accompany the Art Book.

This project is deeply rooted in my own nostalgia for the coastline where I was raised, the locations and story all amplified from my own experiences though a surreal lens.

Locust inc thumbnails.png

Serenity Bay Location Concept

year - 2019-2020

GENRE - Story/Adventure 

PLatform - Art Book and Poster Collection


This is an art project I've had in mind since I was in school, I have always been fascinated by expansive narrative worlds with detailed maps since I was young.


It felt like a suitable and exciting project to conclude my Honours degree. 

Frontier Lighthouse location concept poster (a1)


Supporting ART

Environment, foliage and landmark concepts for Serenity bay, alongside graphic design and logos seen around the world.

A looming lighthouse sits atop the cove to the East, bought by the local children’s TV channel and previously used to display bright, vibrant adverts to the town in the west of the Bay. Scaling the lighthouse offers a picturesque view of the entire stretch of coastline. Now abandoned for the past 10 years, its adverts cracked and faded, the structure has since become the hideout for the three curious young teenagers that this world’s story focuses on. This adventure shows how their lives have become intertwined in the mythology of the landscape and the conflicts of its opposing industries when driven by greed. Remnants of the Bay's golden years as a thriving tourist destination are visible through the story's world, a bittersweet reminder of the severe damage done by coastal erosion and dramatic weather conditions that curse the area. 

advertisement shown on the side of Frontier Lighthouse, cycling between its appearance past and present.  

Final Artwork pieces from the WElcome to Serenity Bay Project





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