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"The most eye-catching style here however is probably that of Matthew Jenkins, in his Computer Arts project ‘Welcome to Serenity Bay'."

"Jenkins’ art is saturated and sharp, looking almost like pixel art. From just a short glance at his portfolio, one can bet on him having a bright future in the industry."

"Even in examples without colour, Matthew Jenkins’ illustrative and world-building skills are excellently displayed."

Evie Dillon-Riley / The Scottish Games Network / Abertay Digital Graduate Show Pulls Through with Some Stunning Computer Arts

"Matt is one of the most meticulous artists I've met and someone who has a natural talent for creating intricate, complex scenes that are visually stimulating. He has an intimate understanding of color theory and also knows what makes a game tick, which makes him a unexpectedly great designer as well. I've learned a lot of things working with him and have found him to be an invaluable team member. Lastly but certainly not least, he has an innate understanding of environments, level design and layouts and alongside that, proclivity towards great graphic design. I can't wait to see what he does in a professional setting."

Courtney Spivey / Character Artist and Game Designer / Space Ape Games

"Matty is fantastic Artist and very dedicated worker, he's been a pleasure to work with the last two years and I hope to work with him for many more!"

Luke O'Brien / Designer & Producer / Konglomerate Games

"A wonderful person to work with who is kind and listening. He will work to his best to achieve the ideal vision of the group. A great and entertaining person to work with!

A fantastic artist!"

Craig Brown / Lead Designer & Producer / Penrose Games

"The collaboration between Project Fizzyo and Konglomerate Games has been a huge success. The team are hugely professional and creative, they instantly “got” what the project is about"

Emma Raywood / PhD Student and Lead Investigator for Project Fizzyo





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