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My work covers a variety of art styles, adaptable to a wide array of projects. I Specialise in 3D environment art and expansive 2D world concepts. I have extensive leadership experience in multi-award winning game projects, working with clients such as, Microsoft, the Chinese room and Great Ormond Street Hospital. Alongside this experience, I have a MProf in Game Development and BA honours in Computer Arts.


(2021-present) game/level ARTIST and art lead - 3D Modelling, texturing, level art and  2d concept art 

Executing the creation of world location concepts through to the modelling/ texturing of buildings, props and various modular assets. Responsible for level design and art, working collaboratively in unreal engine to construct the game world and set dress alongside other artists and programmers. I am currently art lead on the studio's upcoming second project. (In Progress)

(2021) LEAD ARTIST - 3D Modelling, texturing level art, 2d art, UI art and animation

Through Their Eyes follows Heather the Cat as she journeys through the eerie and surreal back allies of a city. Whilst exploring she quickly discovers that dangers lurk around every corner but solutions can be found in the most unlikely of objects. Using her cat senses, she discovers a winding scent trail. Her curiosity will lead her to uncover secrets about her past and help to make sense of the wider world around her. (3D story/Adventure platformer PC Game)

(2021) LEAD ARTIST - 3D Modelling, level art, texturing, lighting, 2d art, UI art and animation

Octoport is a Horror/Adventure game set in the surreal location of a seemingly infinite warehouse for the fictional delivery conglomerate: Octoport. You play as an investigative journalist who has broken into the factory to uncover evidence of worker mistreatment to create expose articles revealing the company’s sinister inner workings. With a camera, you need to photograph and collect pieces of the environment that fit the descriptions in your inventory and evade brainwashed floor managers who relentlessly stalk your whereabouts. What will you find during your time at Octoport? (3D Horror/Adventure PC Game) 

(2020) LEAD ARTIST - 2d art, UI art, game designer

Your planet is plagued with dire, hazardous weather conditions, escape beneath its surface in search of a solution within a network of caverns. Team up with a unique cast of characters on your journey: Scrum, Wex and Rabbit! ​Build mine-shafts with collected resources, connecting  lost caverns to progress and uncovering mysteries spoken of on the surface. (Mobile God Game Demo) 

"Matt is one of the most meticulous artists I've met and someone who has a natural talent for creating intricate, complex scenes that are visually stimulating."

Courtney Spivey, character artist & game designer, space ape games


"Jenkins’ art is saturated and sharp, looking almost like pixel art. From just a short glance at his portfolio, one can bet on him having a bright future in the industry."

Evie Dillon-Riley, The Scottish Games Network



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