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AStrodreamer studio

ROLE - Game / Level Artist, Lead Artist


A retro-puzzle mystery, a tale of Father and Daughter separated by time. In this Open World Sci - Fi Adventure, you play as Zoe, returning to explore the abandoned science facilities of the utopian project she grew up inside. 


Many years later, after a terrible accident caused the island to be suddenly evacuated, only the robot assistants remain. On your adventure you will meet a charismatic cast of characters, leading you on a trail of memoires, uncovering the bizarre secrets of the Island and Zoe's broken past. 


game  environment overview

year - TBA

GENRE - Story / Adventure Platformer 

PLatform - PC Game


the studio's latest trailer for their upcoming title, featuring various locations I modelled and worked on level art for. 

game Engine work 

A selection of my work showing Level Art in Unreal Engine.

3d Modelling 

I was Responsible for conceptualising and modelling many of the worlds landmarks in Maya, alongside creating modular assets and decorations.

Supporting ART

Some of the building concepts and iterations I created for A Bonnie Odyssey, featuring the Bio Spheres Hotel, Hydro Station, Electronic Lab and Metal Forge.