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ROLE - Lead Artist


Octoport is a Horror/Adventure game set in the surreal location of a seemingly infinite warehouse for the fictional delivery conglomerate: Octoport.   

Our game is used as a device to raise awareness for the worker mistreatment and manipulation seen in companies such as Amazon and Sports Direct. You play as an investigative journalist who has broken into the factory to uncover evidence of worker mistreatment to create expose articles revealing the company’s sinister inner workings. With a camera, you need to photograph and collect pieces of the environment that fit the descriptions in your inventory and evade brainwashed floor managers who relentlessly stalk your whereabouts.

What will you find during your time at Octoport? 

Screenshot (36).png
Office entry sign .png

OCtoport Warehouse Overview

year - 2021

GENRE - Horror /

PLatform - PC Game

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Octoport Screenshot 4.png
Screenshot (8).png

As the sole artist on this game project, I took the opportunity to create a fully realised world, creating various media the company of Octoport would use to show a positive outward image. Additionally I created a font of 9 symbols that the cult like company would interchangeably use for internal signs and documents, inspired by signboards in a Hong Kong fish market combined with the bold and lively graphic design seen in games like the Splatoon series.

In the centre of the Octoport Warehouse, a giant image of a contorted octopus floats mid-air, pulsing brightly down on the employees below, keeping them in an ever state of control and suggestion. With this image I wanted to reference the over expressive smiles seen in logos such as Amazon's that have a somewhat unsettling quality. Within the game, the image of an octopus acts as a metaphor for employees being overworked and constantly juggling tasks to keep up with strict pick rates.

Supporting ART

With the game's character art, my aim was to lean into the uncanny valley, with the three centred enemies taking inspiration from media such as 1920s Disney Animation's use of unsettling exaggeration to facial expressions and dramatised motion.


animated Octoport alternative Logo 

animated Octopus imagery seen throughout the world.


decending inside an elevator from the abyss above, you enter an endless warehouse in search of answers.


Stowing area entry sign.png




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